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Consultation & Designs

The process of consultation and design with NQ Video Surveillance is a very customer-oriented one. That’s because it’s your home or business and your system that we’re developing, so you should (of course) have the greatest say in how the system performs and what’s included or not. We start off with a thorough consultation with you to determine what your needs are and why you need a security or/and surveillance system. We do this by performing a comprehensive risk analysis and assessment, which will give us an initial deep understanding of your needs.

We then go through a number of security system principles with you, starting with the things you can do around your property to assist with keeping it secure, such as improve fencing, fix broken windows, add signage or alarm systems and remove things that pose risks.

The principles also help you to understand the security system, what it will do for you and its limitations, as well as how it works and what the response will be. As a basic description of how the systems work, we install devices such as cameras, electronic fences or motion detectors in strategic areas of your property. These devices then send information back to the main alarm system or recording device where you’ll be alerted and able to view it in real time, as well as later with playback.

As mentioned, you’ll have full control over what you want your security system to do and what you want it to control. Don’t worry – we’ll help you through the whole process so you’ll never have a confusing moment or any doubt. Contact us to get started.