Drone Surveillance

About This SErvice

Drone Surveillance

We use drone surveillance in conjunction with our mobile trailer surveillance and drones are fast becoming one of the most popular situational security solutions. Drones allow customers to have a faster and more efficient data collection solution in situations where traditional security methods may not be as effective. It is also so much more cost-effective than traditional aerial surveillance methods, such as helicopter surveillance! 

The other reasons for using drone surveillance include:

  • Visual coverage is comprehensive –there are no blind spots like there are with stationary cameras.
  • You’re able to see more ground –the ability of drones to cover a lot of ground in a small amount of time is extremely helpful for security and missing persons cases.
  • There’s no danger to pilots –the pilot is remote, so stays out of any harm
  • They’re stealthy –drones are relatively quiet, meaning you can surveil an area with relative stealth
  • Targets can be followed –unlike stationary cameras, a target can be followed for quite a while/distance with a drone
  • Manoeuvrability –unlike traditional security and even helicopter surveillance, a drone has superior manoeuvrability and can take off and land from almost anywhere
  • Allow for rapid response –unlike other aerial surveillance, a drone can be deployed almost immediately, increasing the success of evidence-gathering.
  • Deter crimes –the presence of a drone deters crime in the same way as a security camera

There are many more reasons to consider drones for your security needs, so give us a call to find out how they can assist you.