Safer Communities Program

About This SErvice

Safer Communities Program

Similar to our Safer Schools Program, NQ Video Surveillance has developed the Safe Communities Program aimed at doing just that – keeping communities safe!

Using our high-tech mobile surveillance trailers, crime hot spots can be targeted with CCTV Cameras, drone deployment, alarms and PA announcements to deter or catch criminals in the act.  The mobile trailer surveillance runs off solar power with a diesel generator as backup meaning they can be positioned in areas with little or no power.


Neighbourhood watch community groups can monitor camera footage and respond if necessary.  This may avoid the need for police call outs if no emergency is occurring and/or provide police with the evidence they need to apprehend criminals.


Ultimately, the presence of a Mobile Surveillance Trailer is likely to prevent crimes from occurring.  An added benefit is that it encourages community ownership and brings people together.